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Up today is a business that I have been following for quite awhile and am so excited to have her grace my blog!

When I found Jaime’s work my kids were too old for her beautiful bedding but I still loved to drool over the exquisite fabrics and attention to detail.

Welcome Jaime and Lavish Lamb! Check out her blog too!

Name: Jaime Mann
AKA: James
Hails from: Winnipeg
Name of your business: Lavish Lamb Bedding
When was your business born? When my son was about 6 months old, I registered my business name – so that would have been 2006.
Why did you start your business? What inspires you? I couldn’t find bedding that I liked for my son, so I made some. In business, the fabric patterns and colors inspires me. My husband shakes his head, because I always come home with fabric – sometimes I don’t even have a project in mind for it, but I know I will!
What does you business offer? Lavish Lamb specializes in modern and sophisticated baby bedding and blankets – and it’s all Made in Manitoba, which is important to me. I have crib bedding sets ready to go on my site, but I also do lots of custom work – crib bedding, toddler bedding – sometimes clients have the fabric already, and sometimes they only know what colors they’re after, so I send them some swatches that I think they will love. I think lots of times, people want bedding that is not only comfy for their child, but they want it to fit their design plan for their home. If you would love the fabric for your bed, why not use it in your baby’s room?
Where do you see your business in the future? Well, right now, I have 2 little ones at home, and I think I would like to have another one. So keeping Lavish Lamb as a boutique-type business is working for me right now. Eventually, I’d like to have Lavish Lamb Bedding an many stores and continue to do what I love on a larger scale. But, I would always want to have everything made locally – and sometimes that becomes tricky.
How do you balance work/family? Ha! That’s funny – I don’t feel like I balance it at all! To be honest, I either feel like I am neglecting my kids or neglecting my business. I am sure other mom business owners can relate. But, I try as best I can. My kids usually come on fabric expeditions with me, and my son likes “helping” me bundle my bedding and blankets. I try to do most of my emails and stuff like that in the afternoon, when they both are napping or reading books. But it has been harder than I thought, having 2 kids instead of 1 – I have not been able to do an much marketing-type work as I would like.
Now for a few “fun” questions…
Skills: Hmmm. I think I am a decent cook. I can sing.
Challenges: I want to run a marathon one day – and I *hate*running. (Maybe I can trick myself into liking it if I just say that it’s not my most favourite thing.) I also want to be able to do 1 darn chin up. And I’d like to conquer my sweet cravings that I have after dinner.
Chips or chocolate? That all depends on what is in front of me.  So let’s say “both.”
Secret weapon: Good question. I don’t think I have one. OK, I gotta get one.
Enemies/pet peeves: Always having to wait for a train when I am in a rush. My husband leaves the Tupperware lid off of containers, so all the nice stuff I bake gets dry. Static in my hair all winter long. Elizabeth Hasselback.
Can’t live without: Thick lotion, like the one from L’Occitane. My cook books. Red wine. My Le Creuset pots. Fresh herbs and lemons. My kids and husband (oops..maybe they should be listed first.)
Heroes: Ladies from older generations – like my mom and my baba. I would still like to know how my baba raised over 10 kids on the farm, while battling the long winters and dealing with horrible situations, like having to bury 2 of your babies who passed from pneumonia. Seriously, getting married so young, and being such a tough bird. Sometimes I try to think of that stuff when I find myself whining.
Little known facts: I want to learn how to hula dance and belly dance. I built and igloo in university and slept over night in it. I walked into a parking meter once. Before I had kids, I volunteered one night per week at a cat shelter. I fell backwards into a big floor fan and didn’t even hurt myself (but that floor fan and its grill didn’t stand a chance.) And I find myself saying “ahhh-monds” instead of “all-monds.”
Anything else we should know? I still wouldn’t classify myself as a clutz.

Thanks for looking!


Lizette - May 26, 2011 - 9:11 am

LOL on the Elizabeth Hasselback! I FULLY agree!!! The bedding is absolutely gorgeous, this makes me sad that she wasn’t around when my kids were born. I NEEDED her bedding. All I ever found was winnie the poo, sesame st or teddy bears. I had to con my MIL to sew mine. I’ll definitely be sending my preggo friends Jaime’s way.

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