missing summer ~ Winnipeg child photography

It is a beautiful day today. And it’s supposed to be a beautiful week.

I am so excited!

We have had a great winter weather wise but I am ready for heat. No snow and green grass!

I miss summer.

I’ve been cleaning out my hard drives and my computer the last little while and I’ve come across some images I’ve never shared or images I love and may share again.

This image was taken last summer. The sun was going down, we were camping and the kids were playing with friends and the light was pretty.

I BEGGED her for just a couple of images. She was resistant at first but finally gave in and gave me some terribly naughty expressions. These were the last two frames she gave me.

So happy to have captured that impish little grin. It is all her.

She is my green eyed girl.

When I was a girl I used to wish for a little girl with long red hair and green eyes.

Spooky isn’t it?;)


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