{sneak peek}

I had the pleasure of photographing this little peanut last week. You may recognize one of the images but now with baby instead of belly!

This little man WOULD NOT SLEEP!!! I had visions of all these scrunched up, sleeping baby poses, that just didn’t happen. I have this beautiful wooden bowl that I have been waiting to use. “S” didn’t like that bowl thank you very much!!
Oh well! We got some beautiful images anyway. Here’s your sneak peek “S&S”.

I’m trying to get caught up this week before I head off to Chicago. Yes! Chicago!!! I’m am super excited to be attending my very first photography workshop. This one is being hosted by the amazing, talented, Audrey Woulard. If you haven’t checked out her work yet please do now (see “photographer blogs I love” to the right) And any photographers stopping by here, check out Audrey’s latest post about Project Childhood or go straight to Project Childhood . It’s a non-profit community of professional photographers and students dedicated to celebrating childhood through the art of photography and community service.

They also have a cool contest on right now in honour of Child Abuse Awareness month. I would love to get involved in this so if you know anyone who would love to have my photography services but would otherwise not be able to afford it, please contact me. They will receive a free session and a collection of prints. I will also be donating the session fee ($75.00) to a local children’s charity.

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{paper raisins}

I was so excited to get to do my first commercial shoot for Paper Raisins.

I met Lee-Ann at our annual Y-Neighbours Used Toy and Clothing sale last fall. I fell in love with her adorable hats and sweaters. I mentioned I was a photographer and would love to photograph her wares if she needed some shots for a website.

Here are a few of the shots we got last weekend at our first, of I hope many, shoots!

You may recognize one of the little girls from a past post. Lee-Ann and her sister-in-law had me take photos of their children a few weeks back, so “P” and I are old friends!

This was just an outtake but I love how it turned out!Check out Lee-Ann’s website to contact her or place an order at http://www.paperraisins.ca/ or if only to read how she named her business, too cute!!

Thanks so much Lee-Ann. I had a great time and the rest of the session will be done before Friday when I leave for Chicago:)

More on that next time!! I’m soooooo excited!!

Thanks for looking!


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Paper Raisins - April 6, 2008 - 12:15 pm

Oh Carol… fantastic!!!

…i’ve been on the edge of my seat waiting to see how the shoot turned out… i can’t wait to get those up on my website…. Once i get it reconfigured a little and post these amazing shots we should be cooking with gas!!! :)


{my 8 year old baby}

She loves to play “what’s your favorite?”

She loves to model clothes and pose for pictures.
She wants to be an illustrator when she grows up.
She is downstairs right now practicing a dance routine with her friend.
She wrinkles her nose up when she smiles, like her mom.
She has a beauty mark on her hand in the exact same spot as her mom, she hates hers though.
She is a daddy’s girl through and through.

My oldest “baby” is 8 today. *sigh* I remember when she was eight days old, how can she be 8 years?? I always tell her the story of her birth on her birthday, I’m sure a lot of moms do that, I know mine did. She loves the part of how I was in labour for 40 hrs. When she was 3 she wanted to know how long that was in her favorite shows. Like, how many Dora episodes it would be, lol!! She is always full of crazy questions like that.
Happy Birthday my sweet girl…I love you.

Hang Loose!


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{sneak peek}

I know mom “L” is dying to see this sneak peek! You’d never guess from these photos but the kids were a little off that day. Not their usual happy, smiley selves. That happens!! We all have off days but I think we managed to get quite a few great shots! I wish my kids looked this great when they had their “off” days!!
Here’s a teaser “L” and the rest should be done by the end of the weekend! Thanks or leting me spend the afternoon with you!

Thanks for looking!
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{April Fool’s}

So my computer’s playing tricks on me today and I’m having trouble with these new card templates. I wanted to have pictures in them but for now I’ll put them up just blank.

These new card designs are courtesy of mydoodlebugdesigns and they are so cute!! They could definitely be for anything, not just baby announcements. They are completely costumizable and the textures can be turned off for a cleaner look.

Here’s the 4×5.5 size:


5X7 size


Back:Front:Back:Front:Back:Front:Back:Front:Back:Front:Back:Front:Back:Front:Back:Thanks for looking!


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