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Well, my website is finished!!….but it’s not up yet. I’m waiting for the service provider (Bludomain) to get it up and running. Tomorrow???? Hopefully. I will post as soon as it’s done!
It’s cold and blustery today. Not so much fun stuck inside all day with a 3 year old!! So I organized an impromptu photoshoot after a “makeover”. My little “I” needed a haircut in the worst way! She had a …shhhh, don’t say it too loud… a mullet!! So out came the scissors and voila!! This also gets her alittle more excited for the photos which she doesn’t normally like so much.

Telling me her favorite joke:

I: “knock, knock!”

Me: “who’s there?”

I : “Anita”

Me: “Anita who?”

I: “Anita cup of hot chocolate!!”

Cracks her up every time!!Of course no photoshoot is complete without at least one costume change!


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{beautiful girls}

I had so much fun last week at The Forks with these fun girls. I hope they had as much fun as I did! I’m sure they’re dying to see what the photos turn out like so here’s a sneek peak. Sorry girls, you won’t be able to see the rest until my website goes live. I’m hoping that will be within the next week. Hope you can hold out til then!

I love this picture…so much personality! They were up for anything! Thanks girls for letting me photograph you.


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{baby announcements}

I am now offering a small selection of baby announcements. All text and fonts can be customised, as well as some of the colors. There are 2 different sizes: The Mini is 4.5 x 5.5 and the Biggie is 5×7.

These must be purchased in multiples of 25 and come with the envelopes. The Minis are $50.00 for 25, and the Biggies are $60.00 for 25.
Photo paper cards are also available.

Contact me for more information. Over time I will be adding new designs. Enjoy!

The Minis:

The Biggies:~Carol~

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Anonymous - April 22, 2008 - 10:33 am

Great job you are doing!!

{he’s here!}

Baby “C” has finally arrived, almost 2 weeks past his due date!

You’ll remember his beautiful mommy from the maternity session a few posts back. I had a blast taking his pictures today and he was pretty co-operative…well, except for the pooping part… hope it comes out of your jeans “J”!!

Here’s a sneak peek for the new family and I’m sure I’ll be finished the rest very soon! I’m anxious to proof them!! These are good, but I’m saving the best for the gallery!

Baby “C’s” Nana had this teddy bear made for him from her old fur coat! So beautiful!!Congratulation “J&G”! He’s one beautiful boy!


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Anonymous - January 17, 2008 - 8:50 pm

# 4!!!

Anonymous - January 17, 2008 - 8:52 pm

#4 It is so cute! I like the black and white.

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